The Climate and Weather Consortium features scientists working on cutting-edge research and applying it to the real world. The goal of the Consortium is to improve the New Mexico and south-western economies and industry through interdisciplinary research. The Consortium Director, Dr. Željka Fuchs, envisions the Consortium as: “… an innovative problem-solving center for interdisciplinary research and outreach; bridging biology, physics, atmospheric physics, engineering, hydrology, geophysics, chemistry, applied math, economics, computer science, and education; a way to use science to solve overarching problems of our society, in particular applied to weather prediction, climate change, water management, and high technology.”

Is the chile crop in jeopardy?

Climate change matters. How is our tomorrow going to look and what are we doing about it? Are we going to have enough water for agriculture, ranching, forestry etc in New Mexico?

This informational video and short presentation will show you what the Consortium does, while the CWC Mission and Purpose describes it in more detail.

From the press:

“If we don’t have the data, we cannot determine if our physics is correct,” Fuchs said; “If we don’t understand the physical processes that go into the model, the forecast will suffer.”

El Defensor Chieftain

“This research will provide us with models to help us do better forecasting,” said the school’s Vice President of Research Dr. Van Romero, who added that the work will also provide practical applications for New Mexico agriculture producers.

Albuquerque Journal

Raymond said, “Tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean is the ideal place to study rain. Understanding convection in the tropics is essential to making better weather forecasts over the entire globe, including here in New Mexico.”

El Defensor Chieftain