In addition to researching and understanding convection in order to improve weather prediction, the Consortium also has at the core of its mission reaching out to the public, dialogue about the needs of people, and raising science awareness. The Consortium will engage in special projects, public talks and discussions, weather blogs, and be present in the media. One of the Consortium goals is to reach the public in general and include K-12 and college students in every project that we do.


Our mission is to help students and people fall in love with science; by working with real-time data, developing the critical thinking, falling in love with hands-on science is something that every kid in K-12 should be able to do.

Through this project we will place meteorological stations and rainfall gauges around schools in New Mexico, giving the students an experience in gathering, calculating, analyzing and comparing data. After the 2019 OTREC project, the students will also get to work with newly obtained specialized aircraft data being one of the first to have that kind of opportunity.

Furthermore, we will teach climate and weather classes to school teachers with particular examples that will engage interest in students as well as keep in touch with them afterward.