Weather Stations

The most important aspect of being a climate scientist is to ensure that the next generation is ready to tackle difficulties in the world such as weather forecasting and climate change. Being able to predict the weather is important as it can cause a phenomenon like hurricanes, tornados, lightning, droughts, and flooding. Having more accurate weather forecasts as well as the climate assessments can let us know ahead of time what is going to happen, giving us time to prepare. The study of climate change is especially important as the warming of our planet is causing damage to our ecosystems, melting the polar icecaps and making the sea levels rise.

Here at the Climate and Water Consortium, we made it our goal to educate the next generation on weather and climate by offering a hands-on experience using the mini weather stations. These stations allow students to learn about temperature, pressure, humidity; how they relate to weather as well as the climate change.

Below are some informational links about the Weather Station:

Here is a video and newspaper article from Parkview Elementary School, where the students had the capability to play with the weather stations.

Weather Station Informational Video

This awesome video, made by our student, can show you what all you can do with the station: put it in the fridge, in the freezer, in the shower, outside, etc.




Mini-Weather Station Manuals can be found here

Outline for Weather Station can be found here