David J. Raymond Symposium

The theme for this symposium is Interaction between Convection and Large-Scale Disturbances and will celebrate and honor Professor David J. Raymond for his 43-year career as a researcher and educator. Evidence of Dave’s scientific creativity can be found in any of his papers that have become classics. His contributions include theoretical formulations of the Madden-Julian oscillation; a stochastic mixing model for cumulus clouds; pioneering in weak temperature gradient (WTG) simulations; case-studies of easterly waves; thermodynamic control of tropical rainfall; theory on spin-up of tropical cyclones; rational approaches to cumulus parameterizations; regulation of moist convection, wave CISK theory, boundary layer quasi-equilibrium theory and so much more.

The common denominator in Dave’s research is understanding the interaction between convection and large scale disturbances. We will have 18 invited speakers, all of whom have contributed to this field of study and worked with Dave over the past couple of decades.

For more information on the Symposium click here26230633_1653333794706020_2600251432123873423_n26240084_10213370681136006_5626287278245796330_o

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